Accelera­ting the build out of renew­able infra­structure

The Challenge

To reach net zero, we need the biggest global transition of energy infrastructure ever seen, in the shortest amount of time.

To do this, we have to solve big challenges; storing energy, reducing grid intermittency, and decarbonising our heating supply.


We're developing, building, and optimising the grid-scale energy infrastructure needed to tackle these challenges.

Our Plan

We're building a vertically integrated infrastructure business that can help tackle the urgent climate crisis.

We're starting by developing, building and operating battery storage sites — first in the UK, then Europe.

These are big batteries with a big job. They allow us to store huge amounts of renewable energy for when it's needed, creating a more reliable, flexible and greener grid.

The batteries charge up when the proportion of renewables on the grid is typically highest, and discharge when the grid would otherwise have to turn on more carbon-intensive generation. Put simply, without storage renewables can't scale.

And we're creating our own technology platform to optimise our assets - allowing us to move faster and maximise returns.

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Our Roadmap

We have a network of battery storage sites in operation and in development across the UK, and Italy, and soon expanding to new countries.

The Impact3,900,000

Tonnes of CO₂e we avoid entering the atmosphere over our projects' operational period of 20 years, for our 672 MWh operational portfolio by March 2026.

How We Do It

Our in-house development team has a diversified and pragmatic approach to sourcing our pipeline, from developing greenfield sites to acquiring ready-to-build projects.


Our operational team spans across the full project lifecycle, taking the project from procurement, construction and operations.


Our in-house trading platform generates optimised trades and operates the battery, allowing us to achieve superior returns for our assets, and move to new markets faster.