We're continuing to grow our pipeline of battery storage projects across Europe. If you're a landowner, developer or member of a local community interested in developing battery storage, read on to find out more about how we can work together.

Field has an extensive development pipeline of renewable battery storage projects located across both brownfield and greenfield locations.

We're responsible for all stages of project development, from initiation and landowner engagement through to concept design, planning, and construction - with an experienced team bringing strong project management and project delivery expertise across the renewable energy project lifecycle.

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Why Work With Us

We’re fully integrated

Field develops, owns and operates battery storage projects across the UK and Europe. We don’t typically ‘flip’ projects like some developers. This means you work with us from initial hello through to the operation of the project through its life.

Space requirements

Batteries only occupy a small land area compared with other renewable technologies- we work hard to ensure we have the most optimised layout for you. This means we can fit more batteries into equivalent space required by other developers in the market. This means less wasted space, and more energy dense sites.


Batteries are the perfect bolt on to your current activities and earnings. Batteries can provide an excellent way of diversifying your land by adding an index-linked income stream that is not linked to agriculture and requires little to no management. This provides an element of security to ensure the long-term sustainable operation of the wider farm or landholdings.

All costs covered

Field cover all development and construction costs, and reasonable third-party costs (e.g. legal and agent fees). All we ask from you is that you meet with us regularly during development. We’ll construct and operate the project and return it to its original state (or better) at the end of the project.

Up-front payments

Upon agreeing an Option for Lease (or Purchase), Field will pay an exclusivity and typically an Option fee.

Annual rental or one-off purchase:

We offer competitive rental terms which provide a long-term, inflation-linked income with regular payments to benefit your cash flow, negotiable to suit your business needs. Or, if you prefer, we can buy the freehold.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll have a fantastic team working hard on your project

The Field development team have delivered some of the UK’s leading renewable energy projects across a range of technologies including anaerobic digestion, biomass, wind, solar, energy from waste and gas peaking plants. We have a team of expert grid specialists to ensure we get the right connection in the right place. Your project couldn’t be in better hands.

Contact the team

If you’re a landowner, developer, or member of a local community in the UK or Italy with questions for us, we’d love to hear them.